The coal industry is under pressure at this time due to the fact that many new renewable energy sources are coming online. Several governments around the world are trying to decrease the amount of coal that is used for electrical production in favor of what are deemed to be more environmentally friendly power sources.


In order to meet the current challenges that coal transport and mining is facing, the coal industry is developing and utilizing a number of new technologies in order to reduce pollution and keep coal usage advancing positively into the future.


One of the important new technologies being used right now in the coal transport industry is new conveyor belt technology. This new technology allows the conveyor belt to both load and unload coal shipping vessels. The new conveyor technology also allows the belts to operate up to three times faster than the previous models. This is not only a more efficient system, the increased speed allows less coal dust to escape into the atmosphere.


The coal transport industry is also using hooded dust collectors to collect any coal dust that does try to escape into the atmosphere. The air that enters the hood is put through a filtration system which effectively removes the coal dust before allowing the clean air to pass back through.


As far as coal mining is concerned, advances in technology are being made there as well. Conveyors are seeing advances on two levels. The speed of mine conveyors is increasing. The conveyors are also being made smaller so that they will fit into the tight confines of the mine better. This will allow miners more space to operate in the mine safely.


Coal mines are also working to reduce coal dust escaping into the atmosphere. The mines are utilizing domes to contain the coal dust. The air goes through a filtration process that is of benefit to the miners and to those who are in the communities surrounding the mines.


These are just a few of the new advances in coal industry technology. The industry is making advances in redesigning tipping trucks, and there are advancements being made in helping to conserve energy and improve energy transmission within individual coal mines. With these technological advances, the coal industry is moving into the future and remaining competitive with renewable energy sources.